My Gender Creative Son’s First Pride


“That was one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much for taking me,” C.J. said as Matt tucked him into bed for the night.

Most kids say that to their parents after a day at an amusement park. Not our kid. He said it after we took him to his first Pride…

“I loved the parade. I wish it was longer. And next year I want to be in it for sure. Who knows, I may even be in drag in the parade next year,” C.J. said as we walked.

Satire is dead. What kind of parents are doing this to their kids? Sick garbage.

This is exactly why the church burned witches. The corruption they brought would have caused what is happening today.

Sexualizing kids is going to be the final frontier of LGBT acceptance before we accept that the dark ages were a GOOD thing, and modern ‘culture’ is little more than rotting cellulite hanging from the corpse it once was. Video games aimed at “adults”, movies portraying kweers as protagonists against the system of “systematic oppression” and ideologies of the fringe left are all contributing to the downfall of the west.

Bring back masculinity; make the west strong again.

My Gender Creative Son’s First Pride

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