Multikult madness!!


This is what we get for abandoning yourselves and letting Jews corrupt your traditions and replacing them with abstract laws because modernity in a multicultural society is so fucked up that society can’t self regulate anymore without very broad universal laws that are enforced by a police state.

The reason we have such stupid laws, such as sending kids to jail and making them register as sex offenders for taking nude selfies, is the same as the reason our factories are in Mexico and our bombs are in Afghanistan: Jews.

Fifty years ago, we lived in a fairly high-trust society. My mother was born in the ’40s, and she once told me a story about a white stranger reaching out from the window of his truck and grabbing her by the hand at an intersection when she was about four years old. It startled her, but he let go and told her not to stick her arm out of car windows. My grandmother leaned out her window and thanked the man for what he did. Can any of you repulsive neckbeards imagine what would happen to you now if you reached out of a car and touched somebody else’s little girl? Is there an outcome of that that doesn’t involve a cop kneeling on your spine? And even if you’re not beaten to death by the mob, can you imagine the girl’s mother thanking you?

The reason for this is simple: Jews kicked open the door, and now America has a bunch of negro sandmonkey child-rapists. So now we all have to be treated like potential pedos, which has the fun side effect of eroding our communities and making the dollar-Jew and the media-kike much more influential, since our “community” is now whatever filth is on the Talmudvision.

We are likewise made to walk through metal detectors at public events and public buildings, as if we were humangutans who might chimp out with a stolen gun and shoot a judge for sentencing our dindu kid. We are forced out of making adult jokes and references in the office, on pain of firing and prosecution, because apparently none of us can be trusted to know where the line is between harmless fun and criminal harassment. Grown men without children are wise to just avoid places where kids play, lest some busybody call the cops on a suspected pedo. This also has the fun side effect of almost entirely removing young men from contact with children, where they might be an example to the boys and a harmless crush for the girls. . . Nope! They all have to be treated as if they might be that negro who kept the girl in his basement for 20 years.

The other problem is equality. A long as we’re pretending to be equals with the wildlife, we can’t pass a law that requires negroes to take off their shoes at the airport, but wave the whites through. We can’t herd the blacks away from kids they’re sizing up at the playground, or make them pass a breathalyzer before driving, without imposing the same onerous rules on ourselves. This is because, according to the Jews, there’s no difference between races and whites are exactly as likely to sell crack as groids. We are exactly as likely to molest kids as some f*ggot spade. We are exactly as likely to drive a Truck of Peace through a crowd as Muammar Abdullah al-Blowjabi.

Until we slay these twin evils, multiculturalism and equality, both spread by the Jews, we will all live as if we’re on parole. Enjoy the day a Jewish propagandist or lawyer sends the cops to get you for sitting next to an unattended little girl at the park.

Multikult madness!!

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