Music as a psyop


From 1997-2002 all these heavy angsty metal bands just arose in one place (Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed etc) then pretty much disappeared. What if the music industry were simply promoting waves of music that fitted in the a particular agenda. For instance how about this:

1991-1994- Project Grunge- make white men despondent and weaker

1993-1997- Project Thug. Gangsta rap promoting anti-social behaviour in black men

1996-2002- Project Pop Slut. Britney, Christina etc

2000-2004- Project Niggerpop. Introduce increasingly depraved songs into mainstrea m pop radio.

2009-2012. Project Evil Bitch. Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry were openly flashing satanic signals in music videos

2011-2014- Project Hipster

Even modern country music is pussified and niggerish

I debated posting this because it is somewhat anecdotal also nobody probably gives a shit but why not.

Recently I was telling a friend of mine that I noticed that all of the local shops playing country music had lyrics that were either about being drunk, depressed, lonely, heartbroken, being a loser, being pathetic, or some combination thereof. They told me they thought that I was just imagining things or that it was just confirmation bias at work, but I felt like I was on to something. So I start looking up the demographic statistics for country music. This shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the genre, but for anyone who doesn’t already know:

The one demographic that does dominate in country music is ethnicity. The vast majority of people [over 90%] who listen to country music on a regular basis are white/Caucasian. Just 3% of Hispanics and 5% of African-Americans say that they prefer country music to other genres of music.

I presented these statistics to my friend and they immediately knew where I was going with this. I was met with accusations that I was chasing after another conspiracy theory. So I made a bet with them. I told them I could turn on the radio and find ten songs with a depressing or worthlessness theme in quick succession. I’m not sure why they thought it would be a good idea to take me up on this, but they ragequit at around five songs in. The kicker was that they quit after a song about being an actual cuckold. I was laughing yet I was pissed off at the same time. LOOK AT THESE FUCKING LYRICS:

Rhett Akins: “That Ain’t My Truck”

She’s been goin’ out with him

She’s been goin’ out with me

Said she’d let us know by tonight

Which one it would be

So I waited by the phone

But she never called me up

Had to know what was goin’ on

So, I drove by her house – and sure enough

That ain’t my truck in her drive

Man this ain’t my day tonight

Looks like she’s in love and I’m out of luck

That ain’t my shadow on her wall

Lord this don’t look good at all

That’s my girl – my whole world

But that ain’t my truck

If you ever want to know how the kike wants a white person to think, listen to modern country music on a radio. This is made worse when you realize (or at least I suspect) that people are meant to identify with the singer in this situation. Even genuine songs about grief that normally would be healthy to express are subverted and all the uplifting and empowering songs that might have gone with them are thrown out. The only songs that I noticed to be upbeat or empowering are usually from a female singer singing to women.

Be careful what kind of music you decide to listen to.

Music as a psyop

2 thoughts on “Music as a psyop

  1. Great post, it’s in the music. “They” made the hippie 60’s music scene huge with put together bands and The Wrecking Crew for their recordings since most of them couldn’t play well enough to cut the track. The whole Woodstock scene was a Kosher show and then they whacked the whole hippie scene with Manson Murders finishing up the 60’s with a disgusting multi murder scene. Nice Peace and Love, eh? New Wave into “punk rock,” the works behind the scene has been happening since Elvis(Kosher Boy) pushed his pelvis around. Best quote “Be careful what kind of music you decide to listen to.”

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