How do we stop (((them))) from rewriting our history?


Also is this not a double edge blade? If they convince people that all empires that where majority white where actually diverse and filled with blacks, does that not mean that it wasn’t just whites that allegedly colonized and enslaved?


Lets pretend that somehow Berbers and Semites were Sub Shaharan.

Defend the portrayal of indigenous pre Roman picts leftards.

Shitshow related, same child orientated propaganda funded by money taken from indigenous Brits at gun point.

Yes, its that bad.

There is no evidence for negroids in Britain in Roman era.
There were hardly any negroids in Italy at all.
you know, negroids do not magically just fly over the Sahara and conquer the world because BBC implies they did.
First , historically, you need slave traders to trade them as slaves somewhere.
Romans did not trade negroid slaves.
In fact negroids were not living in the Roman empire’s territories, possibly very marginally (Egypt).
North African soldiers, which were sparse, were not negroids.

“B-b-but a SJW jew financed cartoon told me so!” 

Yeah, ok.


How do we stop (((them))) from rewriting our history?

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