Hindu taliban


Even tho we all know kebab scum is the worst, I must warn you that a new breed of terrorism is going ion n India, called “Saffron Terror” and it’s driven by hindu radicals who bomb places, murder people while assembled in huge crowds, burn people alive, and trains little children to fight for them in brainwashing camps. And they murder non-muslims and are turning India into a Hindu Afghanistan.

They’re also irredentist and expansionist, and want to annex a bunch of countries (at least pakistan and bangladesh, at worst Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and some even Thailand and Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam).

They’re close to Modi.

These videos should be a good introduction
-A Journey into the Hindutva Heartland:

-How large they are:

-Radicalization of little girls:

-Salman Rushdie is against them too:

-Radicalized girls: Larger version showing the extent of the problem:

-More detailed video:

They’re also pro-Israel and similar to zionists:

-More (it’s al-jazeera but it’s accurate, they just shill and distort true when it comes to muslim terrorists, not hindu ones):

Hindu taliban

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