Anybody seen this?: “TRSodomites Launching Paywall Shekel Grabbing Scheme”:


“The dox was fun, now let’s hit them where it hurts: the shekels

Basically, in an effort to further exploit and profit from white nationalists, TRS will be making some of their new content exclusive to those who pay a subscription fee. The first Daily Shoah behind a paywall will be released tomorrow. However, there is nothing preventing someone from facilitating piracy by paying the subscription fee and sharing the content free of charge with others. The way I think this should be done is via a thread on /pol/ and /trs/ as well as a website dedicated to the task. Domains are cheap, and free hosting is available through Github as well as other websites. Each time something is posted, a mp3 or other audio files should be added to the site and threads. This site should be publicized on the TRS forum as well as in the comments sections for their podcasts. If they try to blacklist the domain and automatically delete comments containing it, a new one can easily be purchased for ~$10. Of course, some will subscribe mostly to financially support them, but I’m sure many others only intend to subscribe for the content and will gladly download it free of charge if given the opportunity.


TRS has repeatedly deceived its audience in addition to allowing 8/pol/ raids. On the latest Daily Shoah, Kike Eunuch unsurprisingly cucked on WW2, refusing to take the correct stance that Hitler was undisputedly the good guy, and that most of the degeneracy afflicting the modern world is a direct result of the outcome of that war. This was likely another case of greed for shekels preceding truth (wouldn’t want to offend any potential customers of the “muh merica did and does no wrong” variety) and him being a lolbergtarian merely catering to an antisemitic audience of white nationalists. Everyone should by now be familiar with the kike wife fiasco and how terribly and disingenuously that was handled. Also, it’s quite likely several people quite high up in the TRS chain were/are homosexual and/or generally degenerate. Now is our opportunity to strike back and deprive the TRSodomites of the shekels they covet”.

Anybody seen this?: “TRSodomites Launching Paywall Shekel Grabbing Scheme”:

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