your wish for a race specific virus maybe soon coming to reality


If you thought it is for the Africans no you are wrong, it is the evil ruskies.

(Remember, the Russians are on the jews’ sh*tlist for some reason now. Plus maybe they will retaliate with a virus of their own and our semitic friends can finally get rid of 95% of the world population like they’ve been wanting to for years now!)

‘Weaponizing viruses’? -US Air Force places ad for bio samples from Russians.

The US Air Force is looking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Russians, according to a government website used to place tenders. The reason behind the order hasn’t been specified.The Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command has placed a listing on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking for at least 12 RNA samples from Russian people of a European ancestry, as well as 27 samples of synovial fluid.

-Suppliers of the samples must meet a number of requirements.

“All Normal Human Fresh Frozen (FF) Synovial Tissue and Normal Human Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) samples must be Russian / Caucasian origin,” reads the contract’s technical specifications. “All FF Synovial tissue and RNA samples must come from normal donors, who have no musculoskeletal injuries. This shall be confirmed by pathology. All FF synovial tissue must have a weight greater than or at a minimum of 0.25 grams.

“All RNA samples must be frozen. Synovial Tissues and RNA samples can be unmatched, meaning from different donors. All Synovial Tissue and RNA samples must be HIV, HBV, HCV and syphilis negative.”

your wish for a race specific virus maybe soon coming to reality

5 thoughts on “your wish for a race specific virus maybe soon coming to reality

  1. The route to the manufacturing of race specific virii is clear. If it is possible, it will be done to carry out the ultimate war. Political Correctness purposely ignores this aspect so that the attack can be effective with the surprise factor.

    Can people see the big evil plan from PC now?

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    1. I knew PC was evil the first time I learned about it in the mid 80s. Hell, I knew about it back in the 70s, before anybody even knew to name it anything.
      None of that PC garbage is even allowed in our house!
      No PC or POC at all!


  2. Remember, the Russians are on the jews’ sh*tlist for some reason now.

    I just don’t see this. Jews run Russia, including Putin. Jews are a protected class in Russia.

    This is Kabuki Theater.

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    1. Every nonjew is on their sh*tlist, it’s just than now days they seem to be agitating for a conflict with Russia.
      Likely because they need another giant world war to fulfill another one of their psychotic prophecies where they come out on top.


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