Negroes in “racially motivated” crime spree


It’ll be a cold day in hell before the media in the ZOG picks up this story:

“The cops who responded to a call about a woman screaming for help in the middle of the road gave her an instant nickname after hearing her story of survival: ‘James Bond’.

College student Jordan Dinsmore, 20, has spoken out about the horrifying ordeal she went through early Wednesday, when three attackers abducted her at gunpoint in Columbia, South Carolina.

The kidnapping was the culmination of an escalating crime spree specifically targeting whites for armed robbery and assault, said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

‘They made a statement that they did not like white people and they were only going to rob white people,’ said Lott, according to WYFF.

Arrested in the kidnapping and at least six other violent crimes over the month of July were 17-year-old Raquan Dejoure Green and two 15-year-old males who cannot be named because of their age.”


Negroes in “racially motivated” crime spree

2 thoughts on “Negroes in “racially motivated” crime spree

  1. art says:

    They should get the rope, firing squad or old sparky; no if,s ands or buts! These subhuman piles of sub human excrement will probably never change become civilized


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