national socialism


Somebody is always going to have control. There is no system that will cease the requirement for vigilance from people at large to maintain the upward trajectory of ourselves and kin, nor should we want one, as it would paradoxically end our development into superior forms. With the defeat of one enemy arises the need for another lest we fall back into complacency, and breed weakness.

What National Socialism shows us is an enemy that never goes away (mediocrity), and a goal that is never completely achieved (excellence). Vigilance is easily born in such a system, thus the speed of progression (as evidenced by Hitler’s Germany) and the longevity (unfortunately not witnessed) needed to give National Socialism high marks amongst alternatives is present. The theory is that NS strengthens itself with the love of its people, love it attains through preference to those people and none other, who get stronger with it.

Certainly no other system, or non-system, presents as well rounded a defense against subversion. As much as we rightfully do, and should, distrust government, it will never be done away with, as there will always be superiors and inferiors, and therefore an overwhelming demand for leadership.

national socialism

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