Thomas Wictor Tweets Exposes Horrific Hollywood Pedophilia


Thomas Wictor Tweets Exposes Horrific Hollywood Pedophilia

Thomas Wictor‏ @ThomasWictor

Replying to…

(1) I spent ten years in Hollywood as a music journalist.

8:07 PM – 30 Jul 2017

(2) This was 1992 to 2002. Back then, print media was king. I worked for prestigious music magazines, so publicists courted me.

(3) The publicists invited me to millions of parties, in the hopes that I’d be more likely to interview their musician clients.

(4) I can’t count the number of times that Hollywood producers, agents, directors, and actors asked me if I was a pedophile.

(5) Here’s what they always did: They told stories about places where adults had sex with children in front of audiences.

(6) They asked me if I knew of any such places. When I said no, they’d ask if I wanted to GO to such a place.

(7) I’d always ask if THEY went to such places, and they’d snicker and say yes.

(8) When you went to their house, and they were going to show you something on their computer, illegal photos would pop up.

(9) “Oh man! How’d THAT get there?” they’d ask. I never said anything or reported them to the cops. The cops were in on it.

(10) You wouldn’t believe how many celebrities get away with serious crimes in LA.

(11) Lindsay Lohan committed a carjacking, a vehicular assault, a triple kidnapping, and a high-speed chase. It ended at a police station.

(12) During the high-speed chase, her victims shouted at her to stop.

(13) “I’m a celebrity,” she said. “I can do whatever the eff I want.” And she was right! No serious charges filed.

(14) Hollywood’s main problem is that the actresses will do ANYTHING to get parts. The men get jaded VERY quickly.

(15) Gradually most powerful people turn to the ultimate sexual taboo. Why? They’ve done everything else.

(16) It’s 100 percent true that organized rings provide victims. Women usually head the rings. They can recruit more easily.

(17) In Sacramento, female lobbyists have sex with politicians. It’s how things are done.

(18) In Hollywood, men prey on children of both genders. It’s how things are done.

(19) That may change. We may see a new unit of Untouchables take on these monsters. Wouldn’t that be something?

(1) “Lord save little children.”

(2) “You’d think the world would be ashamed to name such a day as Christmas for one of them, then go on in the same old way.”

(3) “My soul is humble when I see the way little ones accept their lot. Lord save little children.”

(4) “The wind blows and the rains are cold, yet they abide. They abide and they endure.” –The Night of the Hunter

(1) Well, here’s what I do: I don’t watch films with children. A few years ago, Hollywood tried to mainstream this stuff.

Thomas Wictor Tweets Exposes Horrific Hollywood Pedophilia.pdf

Thomas Wictor Tweets Exposes Horrific Hollywood Pedophilia

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