A entirely separate species:


A few years ago, the Max Planck Institute (http://www.eva.mpg.de/primat/index.html13), which used to be consulted quite often on PBS’s Nova and Scientific American Frontiers regarding Evolution and Animal Behavior, released the results of a 4 year study of racial differences…

It concluded that the White and Black Race are phenotypically and genetically so far apart, that the wonder isn’t how people could find so much difference between groups that are so similar, but that people could find so much similarities between groups that are so different!

Further, stated straight up, that if the White and Black Race were scientifically categorized like every other organism on the earth gets categorized, then they ARE NOT EVEN THE SAME SPECIES!

Unfortunately, I grabbed the link, but not the screen-shot, of the study’s findings, and it was taken down quickly, never to be seen again… And the Max Planck Institute has never again been seen on PBS…, and subsequent PBS’s shows on evolution (which were actually very well done and adhered to scientific discovery methods) have all but dried up. To be replaced with a bunch of pseudo science propaganda proclaiming that we’re all just a bunch of magically thrown together genetic material all of one human race Bull-Shit.


A entirely separate species:

3 thoughts on “A entirely separate species:

  1. Yes, this species is definitely off the grid. Read this species has monkey DNA in their genetic code. Here is another off the grid
    species, totally separate from we the people. They have 10% Congoid DNA. No wonder they are so attached to one another.

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