3 thoughts on “weird videos on youtube:

  1. Two nights ago, I saw one of the channels that feature those jailbait girls… I recall seeing in one of the videos (didn’t watch the video tho) a girl getting “grounded”.
    It’s an usual gimmick on that channel. She was “grounded” by being taped to the couch. Completely taped. The thing that was more disturbing of it (as it wasn’t disturbing enough) is that the girl was also dressed a bit too girlish (as if she was a prepubescent girl, I’d say that she was a teen.) And I read on one of the comments that she could still act there because they rose the age limit…
    I don’t even know what it’s so funny. To me it’s slightly creepy, and I don’t mean “creepy” in a cool way, I mean creepy in an uncanny way. As in sicko.

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      1. Maybe. They also have videos on which those girls try to eat pies or icecreams with only their mouths… Truly weird shit. For normal people (not sickos) like us, these videos are pointless and even slightly disturbing. But for pedos or other creeps, probably not so much.

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