when you’re a dictatorship of the proletariat but when you wage war you send your proletariat to die by the millions in such horrific and embarrassing numbers that the alleged genocide supposedly being committed by your enemy looks like a fucking joke by comparison

when you need capitalist financial support to wage war, and still suck so hard at it that your enemy almost has a 200:1 kill:death ratio in some battles with the one death caused by cold weather

when the most “successful” nation to use your economic system collapsed well within a single century

when you insist that your economic system is superior and humanity’s future but consistently lose to capitalism economically

when you have free time to shitpost on a Laotian interpretative dance forum from a computer/smart phone made in Chinese sweatshops but you still think you’re an oppressed member of the proletariat

lmaoing at ur life
commies, when will they learn?


2 thoughts on “commonism

  1. art says:

    Gawd almighty! these commies just get sick and more delusional as each generation passes. ABLEISM!!!!???? what will be next? How about total frontal lobotomies for all leftists, sjws, commies, kneegross, etc, etc then they’ll all be equally vegetative

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