75% of Women Feel that Chivalry is Dead



Women may not want a knight in shining armor any more – but they’d still like a date to behave like a gentleman.

Instead, nearly three-quarters think that chivalry is dead, a survey has found.

Men calling when they say they will topped the list of these acts of politeness that women most want, cited by 84 per cent. A similar number expect a partner to check they got home safely after a date.

Good communication is clearly central to modern chivalry – as four in five also said they want to receive attentive texts during the day, and expect phones to be turned off during dates. 

Two thirds – 65 per cent – complained of being ‘ghosted’ by a love interest, which is when they suddenly cut off all communication with no warning.

Others complained of ‘breadcrumbing’, a new term that describes when someone contacts you only intermittently in order to keep you interested without expending much effort. Another common problem was ‘benching’ – like being put on the bench in a sports match – where someone sidelines a love interest while they look for a better option.

Other acts of courtesy women said they’d like to see from a love interest included picking her up for a date, letting her use his phone when her battery runs out, and acting keen to meet her friends and family, which were all cited by three quarters of those surveyed.

Okay, men. How do we fix the dating scene? Why are men behaving like brutes instead of gentlemen? The concerns raised in this article are legitimate. As more women are turned off from dating white men, there will be fewer white babies/marriages. Nevertheless, we all know that Tyrone and Muhammad are exceptions to the rule.

75% of Women Feel that Chivalry is Dead

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