SYRIAN CEASEFIRE: JEWS got JEWED as new details emerge


Before I post the points in the article I would like to point out that this Russian / American ceasefire has been incredibly successful and gives us all hope in the future that these two countries working together can achieve even greater peaceful solutions to world problems. Most ceasefires get immediately broken, either because its a ploy to get the enemy to put his guard down or to false flag the other side so you can claim they started up the killing again after your side wanted peace. This is the real reason why the kikes do not want Russian American cooperation. (((Haaretz)))

Israel, the United States and Russia held a series of secret meetings early last month in Amman and in a European capital regarding the cease-fire in southern Syria. The parties focused in part on the establishment of “safe zones” on the Syrian-Israeli and Syrian-Jordanian borders, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats.

At these meetings, which were held a few days before Russia and the United States announced the cease-fire agreement, Israel presented numerous objections to the deal, saying the two powers were not paying enough attention to the importance of removing Iranian forces from Syria.

On July 8, a few days after these talks between Israeli, American and Russian representatives, Washington and Moscow announced that a cease-fire agreement for southern Syria had been reached, but stressed that talks on the details of the agreement were still continuing. When the draft agreement was sent to Israel a few days later,

Jerusalem was shocked to discover that both the letter and spirit of the document contradicted virtually all the positions Israel had presented to the Americans and Russians

A senior Israeli official said the disappointment in Jerusalem stemmed from the fact that the agreement never even mentioned the words “Iran” or “Hezbollah,” but merely talked in general terms about the need to prevent armed parties from foreign elements from entering the de-escalation zones to be established along the Syrian-Israeli and Syrian-Jordanian borders. Moreover, the agreement made no mention whatsoever, even in the vaguest terms, of Iran’s presence in the rest of Syria.

These details of the draft agreement are what led Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come out against it publicly during his visit to Paris on July 16. Netanyahu said at the time that the agreement effectively perpetuates Iran’s presence in Syria.

SYRIAN CEASEFIRE: JEWS got JEWED as new details emerge

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