It’s not hating someone for being articulate, it’s hating the method lefties use; “sound smart, say nothing”. If they use a lot of big words and use abstract, roundabout ways of talking, they think they can appear to be intellectual and knowledgeable while virtually saying a bunch of dishonest bullshit. It’s a trick that can fool most normies of average intelligence.

If you are familiar with this method of narrative pushing, once you hear some libshit talking like a “professor”, you automatically know the person is being dishonest 99% of the time. It’s not really about being dumb in the face of intellectualism, it’s more like having a low tolerance for bullshit.

A lot of middle-of-the road people fall victim to this kind of dialectic. The 105-115IQ white normies. They are smart enough to understand and digest leftist pilpul, but not intelligent enough to formulate their own conclusions. (also add the pressure to conform, since most middle-tier whites live at the behest of corporate kikes). This is why the white middle class are the ideological lemmings towards leftist politics. Usually the “less intelligent” of our race are the people who actually know the truth. They see negroes being negroes and dislike negroe. The mid-intelligence whites are able to rationalize negro behavior through jewish peddled narratives.

Two actual scientists wrote a book exactly on what I just described:


Todays academia is post-modernist cancer.


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