15 Naive mudsharks majorly robbed by crafty negro!:


He often went by the name Daylon Jung, but his real name is Daylon G. Pierce. And the Arizona-based fraudster has been plaguing dating sites for a number of years, relieving vulnerable women of their money and trust. One such woman, Tara DeGrazia, wasn’t going to stand for it after he “wowed” her, as she told ABC 15 in Arizona. She helped track down Pierce by starting a Facebook page to warn others of his methods. Eventually more women teamed up and got the police involved to capture the Lothario.

These women informed police about the online dating scammer, who ended up pilfering more than $1 million from his victims.

His modus operandi was to seek women with good credit scores and trusting hearts. He reportedly scammed many women over the years, all by claiming to be a stockbroker. Because he reportedly “looked like someone who ran a financial services company,” he was able to persuade women to give him staggering amounts of money. One gave him more than $240,000 to invest. Another was robbed of $100,000. In total, he scored more than $1 million from 13 different women, according to Scottsdale police.

After pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, reports ABC 15, Pierce received the equivalent of more than a year in jail for every woman he hoodwinked. He was sentenced to 15.75 years.

Pierce is no stranger to jail-bound schemes. Before taking advantage of women through Tinder and Plenty of Fish, he served a 13-year sentence for theft and gang activity.


(TY Karen)

15 Naive mudsharks majorly robbed by crafty negro!:

7 thoughts on “15 Naive mudsharks majorly robbed by crafty negro!:

    1. All negro scams depend first and foremost on you trusting them and not suspecting anything because if the mark actually pays any attention they haven’t a chance of fooling anyone of average intelligence.


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