Just for laffs- Whiny joo claims to have “debunked” Cultural Marxism:

This is weak and obviously biased video. So much so that another person could take this exact same script and make it about “Nazis” and it would have the same effect

>Nazi is just a buzzword spread by the far left

>Check out this quote by this jewish ideologue

>But the far left doesn’t even understand what NatSoc is really about and take the word Nazi out of context

>Anyone could agree with at least one NatSoc point and could be considered a Nazi

>Anyone who uses the word “Nazi” is a propagandist and their opinion should discarded.

The difference being that at least in the NatSoc video there would be strong kernels of truth that would get stuck in the viewer’s teeth because of all of the (((coincidences))). We wouldn’t have to cherry pick definitions and examples because strong examples are all around us.

I also love how the kike in the video didn’t even bother to explain the definition of Cultural Marxism as e-celebs use it. The way I understand it is instead of a class war between the proletariat and the “oppressive” bourgeoisie class, it’s a cultural war between “oppressed” and the “oppressors” So what you get is large divides between groups of people based on perceived social “advantages” and power structures.

>whites vs non-whites

>male vs female

>straight vs LGTBQQ

>mentally sane vs mentally ill

It’s a reductionist movement that encourages the unravel of a healthy society until eventually there is nothing left of it. It’s the opposite of the creation of an ideal society, it’s the destruction of society until it’s nothing but rubble.

You can not please a cultural marxist (jew) because he will always have a problem with something. He will always have something to criticize. And he will always seek something pure to taint.

Just for laffs- Whiny joo claims to have “debunked” Cultural Marxism:

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