Male school director bans trousers for girls because they ‘squeeze sexual organs’


Schoolgirls have been told they cannot wear trousers because they can impede their sexual development and everything ‘develops in the wrong way’.

Mother Olga Zenkova – whose seven year old girl is starting at School Number 92 in September – says parents were informed of the trouser ban at a meeting.

She sought out school director Yury Karnaukhov, 48, accused of ‘weird biological reasoning’, to clarify the situation.

‘He said: ‘The first argument is the Russian mentality’,’ explained the 29 year old mother.

‘He then said that trousers ‘squeeze a girl’s organs while she’s maturing sexually – and that everything there develops in the wrong way.’

Next the director said he ‘felt uncomfortable discussing such things with an adult woman’.

He recommended she speak to the school nurse, who was already on holiday.

The mother was then told that if she had problems with the trouser ban she should find another school for her child.

‘I went to a children’s gynaecologist,’ she said. ‘The gynaecologist also told me it was nonsense. She was shocked, too’

The school also bans mini skirts, low-cut tops and leather clothes.

Karnaukhov is now on holiday and his deputy Tatiana Dilmiyeva said girls ‘are given a choice of clothes’.

The trouser ban is ‘to comply with sanitary requirements’ and ‘not aimed at discrimination of school children’, but other parents have also complained.

The school director was criticised for his ‘crazy ban with no medical basis’.

Yulia Shmakova asked: ‘Why not ban boys too? Or he knows some alternative anatomical truths?’

Elena Zhuk claimed: ‘He is projecting his problems with squeezing onto children.’

Male school director bans trousers for girls because they ‘squeeze sexual organs’

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