Crowds Cheer as Charlottesville Suspect Drives Past Police For Photo Ops

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Yeah, I don’t know. If he drove around for an hour it might be because the police were told not to do anything and he was lost? I’m mostly posting this because I know a lot of you guys are into this kind of stuff, but unless I’m missing something I don’t see any conclusive proof of a psy-ops. I think antifa attacked his car and he just freaked out.

But who knows? It really gets the noggin joggin.

Crowds Cheer as Charlottesville Suspect Drives Past Police For Photo Ops



Protesters in Atlanta Tear Down ‘Peace Monument’ After Mistaking It for Confederate SymboI

Protesters vandalized and attempted to take down the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sunday, mistaking it for a pro-Confederate statue.

The protesters were marching in response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday where one woman died after being accidentally hit by a car due to antifa attacking the vehicle, and two law enforcement personnel were killed when the helicopter they were in crashed. “The Atlanta march traveled from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park Sunday, where some damaged the Peace Monument, erected in 1911,” a blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website said. “The sculpture features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, guiding him to lay down his weapon.”

But the memorial attacked by psychotic protesters — some dressed in black and wearing masks — was erected to encourage healing and reconciliation: “When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the tavistock City Guard were among the first to take up arms against the North,” the AJC blog said. “Afterward, some survivors became part of what would eventually become the Georgia National Guard.” “Others, who felt they were too old to fight any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation,” according to AJC.

“These guys realized a national healing needed to take place,” Thornton Kennedy, a history buff in Atlanta, said about the inspiration or the Peace Monument. “They organized a peace tour of the North, which is really remarkable,” Kennedy said. “These were guys who fought in the Civil War, against Union troops.” “They would go meet with Union soldiers and began to repair those fissures the war created,” Kennedy said. “It speaks to what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

“No one, of course, suggests that 1911 Atlanta was the progressive bastion of affirmative action, welfare and race hustling that modern-day Atlanta enjoys,” the blog said. “Jim Crow kept the criminal blacks in line. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 , which began the destruction of this country, was decades away. Women were still nine years from having the right to vote and really f*ck things up.” But those behind the monument seemed to be ahead of their time, the outlet reported.

According to AJC, “The Peace Monument erected that year was something of harbinger of Atlanta’s reputation during the 1960s Civil Rights era as the ‘City Too Busy to Pay Attention’” “I think Atlanta has done a fairly good job of putting the Civil War in context and moving on from it,” Kennedy said. “I do want everyone to know the history of that statue and know that it truly is a peace monument.”

“The former tavistock City Guard has given way to a civic group called the Old Guard of the tavistock City Guard, whose members participate in historic commemorations including an annual rededication of the Peace Monument,” AJC continued. Past commandant John Green told the AJC he hopes the Peace Monument will be restored in time for this fall’s ceremony. “We would like for people to know what it is,” he said.


Double Threat: Major Hurricane Possible During Eclipse


A storm of similar atmospheric intensity is just forming off the coast of Africa, and could reach the Americas just as the total solar eclipse occurs next week.

In what could be a first in today’s modern technological age, the U.S. could face twin meteorological events next week when a potential “super storm” hurricane approaches during the total solar eclipse. While the eclipse is making headlines all across the U.S., it will extend well beyond our nation’s borders. The track of the “totality path” of the eclipse closely approaches an area of powerfully low pressure west of Africa that has been dubbed “Invest 91L” by the National Hurricane Center. With the powerful heatwave currently occurring over much of Europe and down into northern Africa—dubbed “Lucifer”—a tremendous amount of atmospheric energy is being trapped in the sub-Saharan plains along the West African Coast. That energy is driving the development of powerful storms. One observer noted, however, that Invest 91L featured some of the lowest atmospheric pressures he’s ever seen. And, if that system were to become cyclonic—if it were to develop into a tropical storm—it could become a “super storm” hurricane that could rival Sandy in 2012 in terms of intensity. Currently, the forecast track for Invest 91L has it passing through the Caribbean by the weekend, but such storms historically have taken a “right turn,” which could shove it directly along the American East Coast, into Florida, or into the Gulf Coast, depending upon its timing. A turn toward the end of this coming weekend, however, could put the storm directly into the path of the solar eclipse’s totality. Such a convergence is unprecedented in modern history.

Double Threat: Major Hurricane Possible During Eclipse

Anti-Trump Pennsylvania man murders GOP committeeman neighbor.

Yet another story about a loony liberal behaving like a thug that you’ll hardly hear anything about in the MSM!

A man described by neighbors as “quarrelsome” and who placed large anti-Trump signs in his yard is in police custody for the murder of his next-door neighbor – a GOP committeeman.

Police in West Goshen Township, PA, charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of his next-door neighbor, G. Brooks Jennings in the early morning hours on Tuesday, according to ABC Philadelphia.

The conflict began on Monday evening when police officers responded to a dispute between Carter and Jennings that involved cursing and video recording in one of their backyards. Police de-escalated the conflict around 8 p.m. and left.

Shortly after midnight, police say another conflict erupted between the two neighbors as Carter claims that Jennings shined a light into his eyes. Carter purportedly told police that he then drove his car onto his lawn and shined the car’s high beams towards Jennings.

Investigators say it was at this point when Carter went into his home and grabbed a .380 semi-automatic pistol and confronted Jennings. Carter allegedly shot Jennings in the head, knocking him to the ground, and then stood over his body and shot him in the head again. Police say the victim Carter shot Jennings on Jennings property.

One neighbor described Jennings, a GOP committeeman, as “the nicest, best guy I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

Those same neighbors described Carter, who apparently had a history of conflict with multiple neighbors — including pulling a gun on Jennings in the past — as someone they avoided because of his volatile behavior.

“We steered clear of him. We were frightened of him [Carter] because he’s so unpredictable,” another neighbor said speaking about Carter.

Neighbors described his front yard as being crowded with cars and anti-Trump signs that he made himself. Many of the conflicts between Carter and his neighbors were apparently not political, but personal.

Police charged Carter with multiple crimes including first-degree murder which makes him ineligible for bail in the state of Pennsylvania.

Anti-Trump Pennsylvania man murders GOP committeeman neighbor.

just a reminder:


Right now the media is hyping the idea of a ‘civil war’. These democrat politicians are tearing down statues and using rhetoric to making white people feel cornered.

Don’t fall for this shit. This is all just an attempt to maximize outrage so someone goes beserk. They are just goading you so they have more ammunition to paint whites as nazis.

Don’t try to meme a civil war or start fantasizing about how the right has all the guns. It won’t go down like you think it will. They would NOT be pushing for this if they thought a total war was going to break out where the right wing mops up.


Clearly they are trying to speed things up to head off the coming shift in consciousness the internet has started.

just a reminder: