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Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race: 

Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:

Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:

Why are we in Decline – Cultural Marxism:

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The facts about slavery in North America:

Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:

Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)

The Holocaust:

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From the book:

The White-Russian powers reported: “The presence of jews in the villages acts with harm upon the economic and moral condition of the rural population, because the jews… encourage drunkenness among the local population.” “In the stance taken by the powers -that-be, it was indicated among other things that the jews led the peasants astray with drunkenness, idleness and poverty, that they had given them vodka on credit etc. *reception of pledges for vodka+.” But “the brandy operations were an attractive source of income” for both the Polish landowners and the jewish commissioners.

So, the jews fucked up the Russians with the alcohol. Nice to know.



Paved With Good Intentions


Paved With Good Intentions is a masterpiece written by Jared Taylor in 1993 and subtitled “The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America.” Taylor shreds the lie placed upon racial criminal statistics in America. His extensive studies of published government figures and statistics, particularly those of the US Justice Department, found that:

60% of all those killed by police are Black.

58% of all arrests for weapons violations are of Blacks.

64%o of all violent crime arrests are of Blacks.

73%o of all “self-defense” killings are by Blacks (and almost

exclusively of Blacks, too).

60% of all Blacks are armed with a weapon at all times.

Blacks commit 8 times the number of assaults committed by


Blacks commit 9 times the rapes committed by Whites.

Blacks commit 14 times the murders committed by Whites. Blacks commit 19 times the armed robberies committed by Whites.

Black neighborhoods are 35 times as violent as those of Whites. If you believe what you see and hear in America’s controlled media, you believe that Whites commit the vast majority of interracial crime. The truth overwhelmingly is just the opposite: Blacks commit 90% of interracial crime.

Australian journalist Paul Sheehan’s researches disclosed that

Blacks murder Whites at 18 times the rate that Whites murder Blacks (The Race War of Black Against White, Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995). Since Blacks comprise only 13% of the American population, a White American is an incredible 126 times more likely to be murdered by a Black than vice versa. Sheehan also found that Blacks are raping or attempting to rape one-half million White American women each year.

Interestingly, Sheehan also learned that, in the thirty years since the civil rights marches of the 1960s, violent Black crime committed against White Americans increased at a rate four times the rate of increase of that against Blacks! In that same time period, Blacks murdered 45,000 White Americans, less than the 58,000 men lost in the Viet Nam war, but significantly more than the 34,000 killed during the Korean War. Keep in mind that now, eleven years later, the Viet Nam total certainly has been eclipsed.

American Blacks comprise about 1/7 the total population.

American Blacks commit seven times the total violent interracial crime that American Whites commit. Do the math: Blacks are fifty times as likely to commit violent interracial crimes as are Whites.

Psychological testing has revealed that, in addition to differing IQs, there are a great many other interracial differences, which relate directly to the issue of character. To me, character is a far greater determinant of behavior than intellect. In that regard, Blacks have demonstrated markedly lower levels of empathy, personal responsibility, behavioral inhibitions and parental investment in children, among a great many other things. At the same time, Blacks manifest higher levels of sociopathy, impulsiveness, sexual activity, aggression, hostility, violence, posturing and psychosis. These attributes all are a part of what I refer to as character and lead inexorably to the Black proclivity for violence.

As we have seen, the Black tendency for violence, like all other behavioral response patterns, largely is genetic. No amount of education, affirmative action, racial preference or welfare is going to change this disparity between White and Black Americans. Only thousands, if not millions, of years of evolution will change things. Since the danger cannot be neutralized or eradicated, physical separation is required for the safety of White America.

Here is where many step up and say, “But, they’re not all like that. Y ou can’t condemn them all because of the acts of some, even if the miscreants do make up a sizable portion of the entire population.” Or, better yet, “I judge people one by one, not in groups.” There is truth to these viewpoints, but they ignore the reality of genetics and DNA-encoded behavioral response patterns.

Alan Keyes may never steal my hubcaps, but his grandchildren will. (Keyes was a 2000 Black candidate for president who clearly was the best in an otherwise vapid field of Whites.) Even Keyes will pass along his jungle-evolved D N A to children and grandchildren, some of whom will rape and kill my children and grandchildren in numbers consistent with their cousins across America. Yes, there must be full racial separation, else we are right back where we started, and in only a generation or two.



> In 2011…

> Blacks: 49.7% of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter

>> Under 18: 54%

> Whites: 48%

>> Under 18: 45.1%

> Blacks: 32.9% of forcible rape

> Whites: 65%

> Blacks: 55.6% of robbery

>> Under 18: 68.5%

> Whites: 43%

>> Under 18: 30.4%

> Blacks: 33.6% of aggravated assault

> Blacks: 31.7% of burglary

> Blacks: 38.3% of violent criminal arson

>> Under 18: 51.4%

> Blacks: 31.9% of ‘Other assaults’

> Blacks: 40.3% of carrying/possession of illegal weapons

> Blacks: 43.6% of prostitution and commercialized vice

>> Under 18: 63.6%

> Blacks: 24.9% of sex offenses (except forcible rape/prostitution)

> Blacks: 31.7% of drug abuse violations

> Blacks: 66.9% of illegal gambling

>> Under 18: 86.7%

> Blacks: 32.2% of offenses against the family and children

> Blacks: 39.3% of vagrancy charges

> Blacks: 41.6% of Under 18, Stolen property charges

> FBI (




commit 52.2% of all murders, 31.3% of all rapes, 56.4 of all robberies, 33.9% of all aggravated assaults and 30.4% of all burglaries.

yet they make up only 12.5% of the total population

“B-but m-muh poverty and oprahshun!”

 US Poverty – 2012 Statistics

 Total US Population: 310,640,000

 Black Population: 40,125,000 (12.9% of Total)

 White (Non-Hispanic) Population: 195,112,000 (62.8% of Total)

 Blacks in Poverty: 10,911,000 (27.2% of blacks; 23.5% of Total))

 (Non-Hispanic) Whites in Poverty: 18,940,000 (9.7% of N-H Whites; 40.7% of Total)

 For reference: 10.9 < 18.9

 Nearly twice as many Non-Hispanic Whites in poverty as Blacks!

 “B-but, a greater proportion of blacks are in poverty!”

Let’s assume that, say, 40% of the black population lives in poverty, while, say, 10% of the white population lives in poverty.

That 10% of the white population is still double the number of the 40% of the black population…

Stick with me now…

And if that number of blacks living in poverty is to be ‘blamed’ for the massive over-representation on behalf of blacks in terms of violent criminality…

Then why doesn’t double that number of whites living in equivalent socio-economic conditions generate equivalent representation?

tl;dr: If 11 million blacks living in poverty are to blame for black over-representation in violent criminality, why is 19 million whites of equivalent socio-economic status not generating equivalent representation by whites (who are often under-represented in violent criminality)?

So, “poverty causes crime”?

Then why do poor blacks commit four times as much crime as poor whites?


There is a gene called the MAOA gene. Nicknamed “The Warrior Gene” (I like to call it “the asshole gene), people who have it are much more impulsive and prone to violence.

While one out of every thousand Europeans has this gene, fifty five out of every thousand African Americans has this gene.

This means that in a high school of 2,000 European students, there is likely to be a whopping TWO students who has the Warrior Gene. Of these two, one is likely to be female.

In a high school of 2,000 African American students, there is likely to be 110 students who have the Warrior Gene. Of these 110, 55 are likely to be females who will get pregnant before they graduate from high school. Or should I say, before they turn 18. Let’s be honest, most of this subset of the African population has an even worse graduation rate than average blacks. The 55 African males who have the Warrior Gene will no doubt find each other. They constantly fight each other. They terrorize other students. These are usually what blacks refer to as “real niggas”. Being “real” is a function of doing exactly what you want at any given moment. It literally means never exercising any self control.

I should also mention that the problems caused by this gene are also further exacerbated by the fact that blacks have average IQs of 85.

It is important to understand that you will not find the MAOA gene in the average class clown or school trouble maker. These are not the students who occasionally talk back to the teacher and then get sent to the principals office. These are the students where talking back to the teacher is the norm and punching the teacher in the face is within the realm of possibilities.

The other way that you can think about blacks in school is that if 5.5 percent of them have the Warrior Gene, then that means that every class with at least 19 black students is statistically likely to have the gene. Basically every black class room is going to be an environment that is impossible to learn in.

I should also mention that the African students who have this gene also negatively affect the students around them. They pressure and influence other black kids to act the way that they do. This further inflates the insanity by at least 50 to 100 percent of what it would have been. This influencing is more common among blacks because of their lower IQs.

I have to ask you. Is it racist if White people want to send their kids to White schools? Knowing everything that I have just said, do you see why Whites constantly re segregate themselves away from blacks. Also, is this scenario fair to lower working class Whites who can’t afford to just pick up and move because blacks started moving into their school district. Is it fair to these White students that they should have to be outnumbered by a dumb, criminal underclass in their own school? I should also point out, it’s not fair to the other black students who are smart enough and hard working enough to be self sufficient. It’s not fair to working class blacks that they should live next to a house filled with section 8 criminals who have six nigger offspring who will grow up to terrorize the neighborhood. College Liberals never think about any of this. They don’t want to hear the data. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth.

For the sake of comparative purposes…

Reported “Hispanic” Population: 53,105,000

“White Hispanic” Population: 47,035,000 (15.1% of Total; 19.4% of Reported “White”, 88.6% of Reported “Hispanic”)

Reported “Hispanic” in Poverty: 13,616,000

“White Hispanics” in Poverty: 11,876,000 (25.5% of Total; 38.5% of Reported “White” in Poverty, 87.2% of Reported “Hispanic” in Poverty)

For reference: 11.9 < 18.9

More than 50% more Non-Hispanic Whites in poverty than “White Hispanics”!

CONCLUSION: There are more whites living in impoverished socio-economic conditions than any other racial minority – and yet, whites tend towards under-representation in violent criminality, while blacks tend towards over-representation in violent criminality…

US Census Bureau (

In conclusion, crime is genetic; American Blacks are 50x more likely to have violent genes with MAO-A gene:

Considering the fact that a white country like Moldova (whose GDP per Capita qualifies it for 3rd world status) still doesn’t have as much crime as other comparable black countries, we can assume that the MAO-A gene also has a lot to do with it.

It doesn’t matter where you look, blacks are significantly over-represented in crime statistics compared to whites. This isn’t just true for the U.S. but for all Western countries with black minority groups.

The majority of violent inner-city crime is committed by black men, police figures suggest.

Police hold black men responsible for more than two-thirds of shootings and more than half of robberies and street crimes in London, according to figures released by Scotland Yard.–victims.html

Blacks are 12.5% of the population yet commit more than 30% of all rapes. The factor of over representation is 2.5 here.

Paved With Good Intentions

The truth about “Nigger Bashing” sites:


Understandably, the more blacks are aggressively forced down our throats, the more certain people will fight back. Certain people who know, if only on an intuitive level, that blacks are fundamentally different from us, that they are not quite human as we define humanity.

One very useful ploy of our hostile elites is “Controlled Opposition” or “Controlled Dissent”. They like to get involved with all sides of important issues because it gives them control over the narrative, which in turn gives them control over what people think about any given topic.

Since it is pretty obvious negroes have no place in modern European societies, people who notice and begin to contemplate this fact start on the road leading to racial awareness. The rootless cosmopolitans who run things know this, so they have created these “nigger bashing” sites to intercept you on your journey and attempt to prevent you from discovering the “who” and “why” behind the negro problem. According to these places, “White liberals” are entirely responsible for the destruction of Western civilization. If this were indeed the case you’d think that the rich Whites who supposedly run everything would try to stop them. After all, rich Whites depend on the status quo and should fear change the most since things are obviously working out pretty well for them as they are now. The first fact you need to learn is that Whites, rich or otherwise, don’t run things. Things are actually ran by a group who doesn’t consider themselves “White” and who actually benefits from the destruction of our civilization. All this “diversity” and “multicultural” propaganda and third world immigration into European societies didn’t start in earnest until after WW2 and the creation of israel. More on that later.

As of now these are all the popular ‘nigger bashing’ sites:

There used to be a very popular one called “”, but they vanished off the radar and some of the coarser elements from the site went on to create “Shitskin”.

Having grown up in a very jewy part of the country I had always been aware of how jews operate, their nepotism, sharp business practices and how manipulative they are. Although I didn’t know any of the details or finer points concerning how they are behind all the nastiness in the world, I knew on a visceral level that they were. I found Chimpout in ’08 or ’09 and thought the site was real fun, until one day some jew made a post saying something like, “Why do people say there’s a jewish conspiracy? That’s just stupid and there is no evidence of it at all!”. Of course, the universal rule of all these sites state that you are only allowed to make fun of blacks and are forbidden from criticizing any other group. On Niggermania this even extends to women who date and breed with blacks as well as their non-black enablers.

This post upset me because I knew jews were involved in many unsavory activities, and bringing the topic up on a site where you could be banned for saying something against them just struck me as intentionally misleading. I commented, “Rules bar us from engaging in honest discussion of that topic so it’s deceptive for you to bring that up here”.

You know that the naive people on that site would see his post and see that no one is refuting it and think that that proves there is no evidence to support a conspiracy. Of course, after my input my mailbox filled up with nasty notes and shortly after I was banned for posting a picture they said implied violence, although I still don’t think the picture was all that bad.

The picture that started it all

After that I was on a mission to learn and share everything I could about jews and what they get up to, and create a mega blog post about them that I could link people to whenever the topic came up. I did it and here it is:

To fully understand the black problem you need to know who is behind it. Jews like multicultural societies because living in such chaos gives them a decided advantage over others because they are such a closely knit group. Held together by mutual fear and paranoia they are a nation within a nation. Never mind that this paranoia is largely created and spread by their own leaders and the worst that would happen to them if they stopped living in fear as a group is that they would assimilate and interbreed with the people around them in their host country. Also, the supposed “holocaust” they always go on about never even happened. I will make posts proving this, but for now there should be plenty of information about this on my mega-jew post I linked you to above.

In order to prevent my getting more waves of hate mail from these “nigger bashing sites” like I did last time I made a post similar to this on my last blog, I suppose this is where I should start proving my case.

First of all, jews have always, since ancient times, been very active in the slave trade and were involved in the trans-atlantic slave trade. So they are largely responsible for bringing blacks to the new world in the first place. No one is saying that they were the only group involved in slavery, but they were possibly the biggest one. Don’t listen to all their nonsense about how they have always supported the underdogs of this world because their religion tells them to. The only thing their religion tells them to do is to always look out for their own best interests! Following are some links to some articles about jews making money off of blacks by selling them as slaves:

There are many more. Here’s some videos:

If you would like to learn about this topic in depth, there are also some books out about it:

I realize that some may accuse some of these sources of being a little biased, but just about all information on all sides of any issue will be made to promote certain views. Keep in mind these books and articles are footnoted and cite sources. We don’t just make up facts.

The jews have always been a force pushing for black equality. They didn’t do this out of compassion. Anyone who has spent any time with jews knows most of them can’t stand blacks. No, they do this to weaken their host nations. The weaker we are, the stronger they are. It’s part of their divide and conquer strategy.

There is much more on this topic out there. While researching it be aware that since “show business”, as John Lennon said, is such a huge part of Judaism, they are VERY image conscious and always try to do serious damage control on all the topics I will be covering in this blog. You will notice fewer citations and more emotional appeal in their attempted refutations. Such citations as they do provide invariably lead to very biased and opinionated works by fellow jews. A perfect example of this is how they handle the Leo Frank case. This case would have been forgotten a long time ago if not for their pathetic, ongoing attempts to whitewash his character and convince everyone he was innocent. The lynching of Leo Frank was what inspired the creation of the ADL. They constantly brag about how through their constant pestering they won Frank a posthumous pardon a hundred years later, but this was only because he was lynched while in State custody. They will never overturn his conviction, however, because he was just too obviously guilty.  Books, plays, movies and TV specials have all been made to mislead people into thinking Frank was an innocent victim of Southern anti-semitism. This is all complete fabrication as he was as guilty as hell. Fortunately the transcripts of the Leo Frank trial have recently been made public so it is obvious to anyone who can read just how guilty he in fact was. Ideally this should finally shut those jews up, but they know the public is dumb and hardly anyone is going to bother reading those dry documents, so the beat goes on.

Jews were also very active in the Civil Rights movement in general:

They were almost entirely responsible for passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This unconstitutional legislation took away our right to freedom of association for all time, paving the way to the present HUD conspiracy of injecting negroids everywhere, even into our best neighborhoods!:

Beyond that, this insidious group was single handedly responsible for the 1965 Open Immigration Act. This one bill, more than any other reprehensible thing they have done, is responsible for the drastic transformation this country has undergone since then. Thanks to this we are fast becoming a minority in our own country. They got their Shabboz Goy Ted Kennedy to get out in front of it, but it was the jews behind the scenes that pushed it through, and you can bet a lot of palms were generously greased to help do it!:

As if all this weren’t bad enough, jews are even behind encouraging black antisocial behavior. Through biased news reporting, television, movies which exaggerate how badly blacks were treated under slavery and Jim Crow and, most notably, “gangsta rap”, blacks are agitated into a state of homicidal frenzy against Whites. The average IQ of American blacks is 85, so they are very childlike and impressionable. Many horrid, sadistic anti-White crimes are encouraged by the media, especially rap “music”. Here are some articles about the involvement of jews with the production and distribution of this auditory poison:

Here’s a video about it:

As if all that isn’t enough, and believe me, it is but the smallest tip of a gigantic iceberg, jews are also responsible for putting a mulatto who hates America in the White House:


I think it’s safe to conclude that we will never solve our negro problem until we solve our jew problem, unfortunately, thanks to these ‘niggermania’ type websites most people aren’t even aware that there is any such thing as a jew problem.

The strategy here is obvious. If every other country on earth is flooded with blacks and browns, then israel will be the greatest nation on earth simply by virtue of  not having many negroes. They do have a few Ethiopian jews, but they are generally despised and they do whatever they can to keep them from breeding.

The jews have big plans for israel. They want to clear out a lot of space around it to expand. This is why they have us fight so many wars for them in the Middle East and why they are moving the local populations of Arabs into our countries.



The truth about “Nigger Bashing” sites: