More arrests (of Jews) coming in Lakewood, NJ


More arrests coming in Lakewood | Di Ionno

The arrests of a Lakewood rabbi, his wife, and several others Monday is just the “first wave” of a federal and state crackdown on public assistance fraud in the Orthodox community.

The second wave is planned for as early as dawn Wednesday when authorities are scheduled to move in on three other couples, according to law enforcement sources. After that, warrants will be served to an unknown number of others by Friday and the investigation is continuing. And growing.

“There are more (arrests) coming,” the source said, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “This is far from over.”

It may be just the beginning. There is a new scrutiny on Lakewood as the town continues to make headlines. Money-laundering indictments, a school system in financial freefall, unabated development. And now welfare fraud charges.

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More arrests (of Jews) coming in Lakewood, NJ

How Israel Manages Its Message


A new app enables instant pushback

by Philip Giraldi

Those of us who are highly critical of Israel’s ability to manipulate U.S. foreign policy frequently note how sites that permit comments on our articles are almost immediately inundated with hostile postings that are remarkably similar in both tone and substance. Given that it is unlikely that large numbers of visitors to the sites read the offending piece more-or-less simultaneously, react similarly to its content, and then go on to express their disgust in very similar language, many of us have come to the conclusion that the Israeli government or some of the groups dedicated to advancing Israeli interests turn loose supporters who are dedicated to combating and refuting anything and everything that casts Israel in a negative light.

The fact is that Israel is extremely active in an enterprise that falls in the gray area between covert operations and overt governmental activity. Many governments seek to respond to negative commentary in the media, but they normally do it openly with an ambassador or press officer countering criticism by sending in a letter, writing an op-ed, or appearing on a talk show. Such activity is generally described as public diplomacy when it is done openly by a recognized government official and the information itself is both plausible and verifiable, at least within reasonable limits. Israel does indeed do that, but it also engages in other activities that are not so transparent and which are aimed at spreading false information.

When an intelligence organization seeks to influence opinion by creating and deliberately circulating “false news,” it is referred to as a “disinformation operation.” But Israel has refined the art of something that expands upon that, what might be referred to more accurately as “perception management” or “influence operations” in which it only very rarely shows its hand overtly, in many cases paying students as part-time bloggers or exploiting diaspora Jews as volunteers to get its message out. The practice is so systemic (((, involving recruitment, training, Foreign Ministry-prepared information sheets, and internet alerts to potential targets, that it is frequently described by its Hebrew name, hasbara, which means literally “public explanation.” It is essentially an internet-focused “information war” that parallels and supports the military action whenever Israel enters into conflict with any of its neighbors or seeks to influence public opinion in the United States and Europe.

The hasbara onslaught inevitably cranks up when Israel is being strongly criticized. There were notable surges in activity when Israel attacked Gaza in 2009 and 2012, as well as when it hijacked the Turkish humanitarian relief ship the Mavi Marmara in 2011. The devastating 2014 Gaza fighting inevitably followed suit, producing a perfect storm of pro-Israel commentary contesting any published piece that in any way sympathized with the Palestinians. The comments tend to appear in large numbers on websites where moderation and registration requirements are minimal, including Yahoo! News, or Facebook and Twitter.

The hasbara comments are noticeable as they tend to sound like boilerplate, and run contrary to or even ignore what other contributors to the site are writing. They often include spelling and syntactical hints that the writer is not natively fluent in English. As is the practice at corporate customer support call centers in Asia, the commenters generally go by American-sounding names and use fake email addresses. They never indicate that they are Israelis or working on behalf of the Israeli government and they tend to repeat over and over again sound bites of pseudo-information, as when they falsely insist that Hamas was solely responsible for the recent Gazan wars and that Israel was only defending itself. The commenters operate in the belief that if something is repeated often enough in many different places it will ipso facto gain some credibility and create doubts regarding contrary points of view.

How Israel Manages Its Message

Jews rule over Russia, and the EU


This is a Wikipedia article about 7 Jewish billionnaire oligarchs which dictated the Russian

economy, politics since the end of the Soviet era with Jeltsin. (and indoubtedly before that)

Alexander Solszenitsyn wrote referred to them as a “crime syndicate” in the same way Hitler did.

Dutch VVD (leading Dutch political party) and EU Comission for for Internal Market and Services member Frits Bolkestein (of the EU “European Peoples” party”) was involved in a “scandal” when an investigative journalist found out he was part of the “international consultative council” of Menatep. A “controversial” (even by their standards) bank Chodorkovsky owns. As with other fishy “business”. This was soon buried as “unimportant”. Because almost all of the European Comission and Parliament members have similar connections of course.

There you have it though. Where top EU and national government officials have direct ties to “Russian” (Jewish) Banking cartels which a Nobel prize winning author compared to Mafia.

Jews rule over Russia, and the EU

“Geheimnis Tibet” Aka “Secret Tibet” (1943) ↯↯ Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet

In 1938,Heinrich Himmler sponsored an expedition to Tibet lead by Ernst Schäfer and composed by several other SS scientists, officially to study the region’s flora and fauna and to take scientific measurements of the Earths magnetic fields. The expedition was also sent to find traces of the origins of the Aryan race in Tibet which was where Himmler thought evidence of could be found. As a follower of the Hollow Heart theory, Himmler was also looking in Tibet for the “doors to Agharta”, the mythical underground town, home of the “Unknown Masters”. This film is a Third Reich era documentary of that expedition. Ernst Schäfer (1910-1992) was a famous German hunter and zoologist in the 1930s, specializing in ornithology. He is most famous for his three expeditions to Tibet in 1931, 1934-1935, and 1938-1939, the first two led by the American Brooke Dolan II, and the third led by himself under the patronage of Himmler’s Ahnenerbe organization. In July 1934, during his second expedition in Asia, he met the then exiled Panchen Lama, Thubten Chökyi Nyima, in Hangzhou, China. Schäfer wrote several books, including Berge, Buddhas und Bären (Mountains, Buddhas and Bears), and helped to produce this film.

“Geheimnis Tibet” Aka “Secret Tibet” (1943) ↯↯ Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet


Two S-Bahn ticket inspectors were filmed on board a train in Munich, Tuesday, trying to remove a passenger from the train car, after reportedly discovering he did not possess a ticket.

Why can’t these childish assholes ever cooperate? He should have been put down on the spot, it’s obvious he’ll be nothing but trouble his whole life.


Kikebart publishes article celebrating the Rebbe’s legacy and Noahidism


……………………………………………………………………………..(^Is that marijuana smoking paraphernalia on that table?)

Many of his followers and admirers will mark the day by visiting his gravesite, where he is buried next to his father-in-law at the Ohel in Queens, New York. Others will reflect on the enduring legacy of a leader whom biographer Joseph Telushkin, in his 2014 book, Rebbe, declared “the most influential rabbi in modern history.”

Schneerson’s Chabad movement has continued to grow, more than two decades after his death. It has flourished even as American Jewish institutions in general, and liberal ones in particular, have declined. One reason is quite simple: Chabad, like its leader, is focused on the moral, spiritual, and practical essence of Judaism itself, while many other movements and institutions have become mired in politics (none more so than Reform and its variants).

I was once asked on Twitter which conservative philosopher defined my outlook: “Maimonides? Hayek? Rand?” I thought briefly about the writers and thinkers who had influenced me most: George Orwell, a socialist who wrestled with the left’s affinity for totalitarianism and became its most incisive critic; Alexis de Tocqueville, who explained the social foundations of liberty in ways that remain relevant today; Hayek, who defined the limits of statism as the outcome of limits in knowledge itself; and so one. But one name popped into my mind and stuck there: Schneerson.

I am neither a Hasidic Jew, nor a religious scholar, though I am observant and profess the Orthodox Jewish faith. What I find inspiring about Schneerson is the urgency of his moral vision. To him, every human being, and every situation, had the potential to produce good — and that potential was best brought about now, immediately.

He did not confine his view to the Jewish world alone — though he took a unique approach there as well, stressing the positive value of Jewish tradition and practice, embracing Jews from other movements without validating the compromises they had made. Schneerson also sought to bring awareness of God, and awareness of the opportunity to help others, into society as a whole, through the Seven Noahide Laws of universal morality and other methods.

The Kikebart-approved Noahide Laws call for the decapitation of Christians, who they deem to be idolaters.

Schneerson was not a partisan figure — indeed, he provided counsel to Democrats as well as Republicans — but he was essentially a conservative, trusting in the redemptive power of received wisdom. He exemplified the kind of sunny conservatism most often identified with Ronald Reagan, yet which Reagan’s heirs have struggled to emulate. He was grounded in the past, but always looking forward.

That is why his legacy endures, and continues to grow.

Kikebart publishes article celebrating the Rebbe’s legacy and Noahidism